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Hello everyone 🙂 I hope your day is going well. I can’t put my excitement into words about this blog! I love writing and interacting with different people so I can already tell this will be a blast.

First of all, I am going to go on about myself so you will feel as if you’ve known me for 20 years (even though that’s actually impossible because I’m currently 15 :p). Let’s talk about school life, shall we? I am on my school’s students’ council as my Grade’s representative. My first year on council has been about building my communication and leadership skills. I truly enjoy making school as fun as I can for other students at my school. I’m one of the few people you will meet that really enjoy school. Being an extravert, the positive vibes from my peers reflect onto myself during the week leaving me with nothing but genuine smiles to share back. I am also extremely grateful to live in a country where I am so prevailed to get an education. Yes, I am a human teenager, so obviously I don’t always remember to express my gratitude. I occasionally complain about having to wake up early and sit in class for hours…but what’s important is that I’m recognizing that, and beginning to practice expressing gratitude often. 

Currently, my favourite subjects in Grade 10 are English, Social Studies, Drama Coaching, and Science. What I find most fascinating in English is that if you add a creative mindset to a pen and paper, the outcomes are endless. In Social Studies, we are not taught to memorize dates from the textbook, but instead draw parallels between history and today. Drama Coaching allows me to be an active leader by guiding and assisting Grade 8s in their work for Drama. What appeals to me about Science is that explanations about almost everything exist, while new discoveries are constantly updating those explanations. Although I am an Honour Roll student, I remind myself and others constantly that we shouldn’t obsess about marks. The most important lesson we are taught in high school is how to learn. Putting effort into building study habits is an intelligent investment for the future.


As for activities outside of school, I spend most of my time dancing. I first found my passion for dance at the age of three, and have been training hard since. By far, the main genre I train in is Classical Ballet. Other genres I practice include Neoclassical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, and Character. I have excelled in ballet examinations from a young age, having achieved ‘Pass with Special Merit’ on my most recent exam, ‘Grade Six Standard’. Dance allows me to express myself with complete control over my body.


Secondly, singing is another passion I have been training in for six years. This is something I count on when I am overwhelmed with emotions. Whether I am feeling overjoyed, stressed, glum or any other emotion, singing never fails to calm me down. Singing will be the talent I preform for nations in August! Be sure to follow my recordings on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/elyssa-h !

This has been enough about me for now!! I will be explaining my platform soon in another blog post because it surely deserves attention of its own. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first blog post! I really appreciate all of your support on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


~ Elyssa 🙂

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